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What is better for the web animated gifs or webm

Image boards like 4Chan and Reddit have started supporting a new format of media called Webm, but what is it, and will it surpass the GIF in usage, and most importantly, how good is it for showing the Sex gifs we all know and love?

Well first of all, Webm is similar to GIF in that they are both easy to embed, as well as being easy to force to loop once they’re done, making them ideal for smaller videos that should be looped to get the full impact from them.

Now you may ask, what advantages does Webm offer, especially that would let it dethrone a giant such as the GIF? This is a fair question to ask, and in this article we’d like to offer an objective view at the advantages and disadvantages of the GIF and Webm formats.

Now the first advantage of Webm, and the most obvious one is sound, imagine looking at Sex gifs except now they’ve got sounds, so you can see mini-videos on repeat WITH sound. This advantage is probably the most important one, as it lets Webm get across things that a GIF medium simply isn’t suited for.

Second is the size, Webm is more size-efficient than GIF meaning that the same content on Webm takes less memory than it would as a GIF, as well as taking less bandwidth to load as an extension of this.

Webm also has higher quality, one of the big flaws of the GIF medium is that the image quality is mediocre at best, Webm fixes this completely, letting the uploader put the quality as they see fit.

However, one advantage of the GIF is that it has more support, there are still widespread browsers like Safari and IE which do not natively support Webm, this means that even if its quality is superior, Webm will have to settle its support issues before it can rival the GIF in magnitude of use.

In conclusion, the Webm format is essentially strictly superior to GIF, now this isn’t to knock at GIF, it is just simply that the fact it is an ancient format is dragging it down intensely, and it may be time for it to step down and let a new king take the throne, however if this is going to happen remains to be seen.