What is the best image compression for web 2019?

As we enter the new era of the smartphone-driven market, it has become important to be fast and efficient in attracting the customer’s attention. And a picture is always worth 1000 words. When you put an image next to a block of text, the chances of it getting attention increases by 120%.

So, it is vital to use images to attract attention. With the mass proliferation of high-definition screens and cameras, people expect to see hi-def pictures everywhere. So use good quality pictures on your sites.

 But good quality images are heavy and take time to load. As we all know, load times of web pages is a key component in how Google ranks your site. To balance both the needs, we suggest you use an image compression software.

 A good image compression software will help you scale down the size of the image without losing a lot of quality. Here are the best image compression tools for 2019.

1. Optimizilla:

Optimizilla is a web-based tool that allows you to compress 20 images at a time. You can use the quality slider to determine how much you want to compress the image. When you reduce the quality of the image, the size also goes down. Check a few different levels and find the one that works best for your site.

2. TinyPNG:

TinyPNG is another web-based compression tool. When using it, you can also export your images straight to Dropbox. TinyPNG allows us to compress 20 images at a time.

3. Kraken

Not to be confused with the crypto exchange, Kraken provides great features like importing directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also alter the quality, orientation and preserve metadata while compressing them.

4. Compress Jpeg

This is an ad-driven tool that can compress JPEG files. They limit it to 20 images at a time and is free to use.

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